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What Review Gram Does

Potential customers rely heavily on online reviews. Happy customers are less likely to leave good reviews because they’re too busy and often don’t know how. Unhappy customers almost always leave negative reviews. Review Gram makes it easy to get positive reviews while filtering out the majority of the negative ones.

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Our Review Process

  1. After an appointment, you can send the customer a text message or email saying something like “Thanks for your business! Would you please take 30 seconds to review us online?” and then have a link for them to click on.
  2. When they click on the link, they are taken to the Review Gram web app where they are shown “How was your visit?” with a star rating.
  3. If they select a low rating, they are taken to a form where they can provide feedback to you about what went wrong. This feedback will only be sent to you and will not be made public.
  4. If they select a high rating, they are taken to a Google or Facebook form where they can provide any feedback they’d like to give. These reviews are made public and will most likely be very positive.

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